Vehicle Inspection For UBER?

If you’ve recently started driving for UBER, you may have noticed (under “Account / Documents “) a Vehicle Inspection “Missing” notification.Vehicle Inspection

For the safety of your customers, a vehicle inspection is required EVERY YEAR that you drive for Uber. You’ll have 45 days from your first day on the road to have your vehicle inspected and that report submitted to Uber.

If the report isn’t submitted within 45 days, your driving account can be put on hold. As an Uber driver, the LAST thing I want to hear is, “Your Account Has Been Put On Hold.” After all, we’re not giving rides out of kindness, we want to make MONEY!

In Panama City & surrounding areas, I began reaching out to get this form completed. The following was my personal results:

  1. Dept Highway Safety & Motor Vehicles – I called and was placed on hold for almost an hour before someone answered the phone. The lady requested my phone number so she could call me back in the event that we were disconnected. The second the word “UBER” came out of my mouth she hung up. That’s right, hung up! She didn’t say anything, she just pulled the plug after an hour of waiting. (She never called me back on the number I had just given her. This is how I know she hung up & had no intention of answering my question)
  2. Autozone – I noticed Autozone was an Uber “Partner” so I thought if ANYONE would give me a discount on a vehicle inspection for Uber, these would be the mechanics to call. I called the Lynn Haven location and was quickly told, “I have no idea what you’re talking about nor who would do any type of inspection.” When I mentioned the Uber “Partnership” the reply was, “yeah, you get a discount on parts but that’s it.”
  3. 10 Minute Oil Change & Service Center – I tried this location considering I had my water pump replaced 7 days prior to this phone call & was hoping that the $760.00 I spent on said water pump would afford me a reasonable rate on this Vehicle Inspection Report. Denzel told me they had completed a few of these inspections and he would be glad to do mine for $85.00
  4. Pepboys – The Panama City Location told me that very few mechanics could sign off on this vehicle inspection and it would cost $250.00
  5. Mad Hatter Automotive Service – This service center is located on 23rd st. I spoke with Josh at which point he told me they would complete my inspection for $19.95. FINALLY, someone that wasn’t trying to hang up on me, LIE or gouge! Mad Hatter Automotive Center is located at 1918 W 23rd St, Panama City, FL 32405

If you still need your vehicle inspection report completed, I recommend calling Josh at Mad Hatter Automotive Center (850) 769-8061 and make an appointment. The inspection should take roughly 15 minutes to complete. However, you are free to have this inspection done by the certified mechanic of your choice!


The Uber website has listed a few local mechanics that will perform the inspection (in order of prices low to high):

  • Mad Hatter Auto: $19.95
  • Sears Auto Center: $20
  • Pep Boys Auto Service & Tire: $20-$24.99
  • Firestone Complete Auto Care: $21.99
  • Mike’s Auto Repair: $50
  • Parkway Tire & Service: $32.50

Disclaimer – This post was written BEFORE the Uber Website listed Panama City Businesses & prices of their inspections.

The purpose of this post is to simply SHARE my personal experience in order to inform other Panama City Uber drivers!


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