Where Did The Business Go?

Spring break has come & gone in Panama City!

Whether you’re a new driver or started March 10th, you’re definitely seeing a difference in your earnings! Some drivers I know have gotten discouraged (at least for now) and retired from giving up their free time to earn $15.00 (or $3.00 per hour)!

Don’t Get Discouraged!

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Uber isn’t quite 50 days old in Panama City yet & there’s lots to do as a driver! Using this slow time wisely will pay off in the future! Here is a short list of things you can do during this lull:

  • Learn the city: Businesses come & go. Knowing the names as well as locations of the local businesses will help in various ways!
  • Customize Your Navigation App: Whether you use Google Maps or Waze, you should add favorites, suggest changes and go through all of the settings to customize your navigation app. Doing this will help you almost instantly.
  • Don’t Forget the 5 “P’s”: Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Production: Get prepared. Without purchasing supplies too far in advance, you can check your inventory on any amenities you offer (water, candy, charging cables, etc.). If you already have your supplies, don’t forget to check the condition of your charging cables, power banks etc…
  • Give Your Vehicle Some TLC: Being an Uber driver means you’ll spend many miles on the road. Check your fluids, air pressure (including the condition of your tires) and all lights on your vehicle (not only to look nice but to stay legal on the road).

Using your time off the road wisely will help out tremendously when the time comes to go Go GO! Don’t get discouraged, get prepared!

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