Ready To JAM?

With the Seabreeze Jazz Festival & the Tyndall Air Show in the rear view mirror, the Spring Jam is right around the corner!

If you weren’t driving during the Jazz Festival then there are a few tips to help during this upcoming event:

  • Pay close attention when driving inside Pier Park: There will be lots of pedestrians crossing the street. Sadly, they don’t always use the crosswalks.

  • Some Areas Are Closed Off: The Police will have some roads near Aaron Bessant Park blocked off.  If you get a ride request inside this area, ask them to meet you at a location that you can access easily.

For the drivers that have been at it a while now, BOLO (Be On the Look Out) for another great weekend!

Buckle up, stay safe & feel free to share your stories or relevant information on our Facebook page!