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Only work when it’s convenient for you! Make money in your spare time while providing a valuable service to the public!

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On March 10th 2017 Uber became legal in Panama City! For 2 months drivers have been earning money and riders have saved on transportation.

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There’s no such thing as an “average Uber Rider”. The riders vary from local workers, students, people on business trips, families & more! One thing they ALL have in common is, they’ve all saved money on transportation!

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Prices vary depending on several factors. However, if you would like a rough estimate on prices you can click the button below to get an idea on how much you can save by riding with UBER!

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Catch up on our latest posts related to the future of personal transportation in Panama City, Florida!

Thunder Ahead

Visiting riders from the Spring Jam are still leaving Panama City Beach. As rides are being requested to exit the city, motorcycles of Thunder Beach 2017 are arriving! Drivers should take extreme caution when navigating the city this week.  Expect delays during parade times and near the Harley dealer on the beach!  Updates will be […]

Spring Jam

Ready To JAM?

With the Seabreeze Jazz Festival & the Tyndall Air Show in the rear view mirror, the Spring Jam is right around the corner! If you weren’t driving during the Jazz Festival then there are a few tips to help during this upcoming event: Pay close attention when driving inside Pier Park: There will be lots […]

Sign On Bonus!

Buckle Up & Earn BIG!

There are several events happening in the Panama City area this weekend! The local Uber drivers need to prepare for a busy weekend! At Tyndall Air Force Base the “2017 Gulf Coast Salute Open House & Air Show” will be Saturday April 22nd & Sunday April 23rd. Some of the highlights include: 9:00 am – […]

It’s Time To Jazz It Up! 

The Seabreeze Jazz Festival is this weekend! This will break the drought that the Uber drivers have had the past 2 days …

1st Ride Free

Where Did The Business Go?

Uber isn’t quite 50 days old in Panama City yet & there’s lots to do as a driver! Using this slow time wisely will pay off in the future!

Spring Break Update…

Some local nightclubs have changed their hours for the month of April